Wednesday, January 16, 2013


To request an extracted Google Earth model (via GLXtractor method), simply post a reply below. In it, please let me know the following: Google longitude/latitude, height, and intent for the model. <-- Interested to see what cool stuff people come up with. I will then post a small 5x5 block of the site for you to download here.

There's got to be a better way around this. I'm often too busy to check up here. To expedite the process, I recommend sending me a Google Earth kml file of the site, at the correct zoom. And keep your requests tight (max 2km high). Or at least send me a screenshot I'll try to respond within a reasonable time limit. Thanks! 1-16-13

Sorry guys, my Vostro 1500 laptop is down. Seems only that type of laptop works with this process. So until I can fix it, this service will have concluded. Sorry to those that recently requested help... you were a bit too late!

Chicago Loop KK
Times Square ML
Westlake LA KK
Miami Beach NG
Peachtree Atlanta CW

- Evan: Dog Park, Washington Square Park, NYC

- Nick: Palazzo, Las Vegas (big file, you'll need to stitch)

- Mezzzo: Brooklyn Navy Yard

- Asia Rivera: Paris

-Ciro: Florence

- Irma: Le Gru Shopville

- Jill: Times Square

- Megan: Pretoria Union, South Africa; site

- Sam: Flat Iron, NYC

- ANNA: Detroit Waterfront

- Clemens: Berlin

- flok: Avenida Paulista

- Federico Nigro: Milan

- UB: Apple Headquarters, CA

- Stellenbosch South Africa

- Bogdanov: TriBeCa, NYC

- del Carmen: San Diego part A, part B

- Alex Phi: Crystal Palace, Oakland

- sarah L.: East Village, NYC

- augsav: Cincinnati, OH

- Sergio del Castillo: Madrid

- Steven K: Vienna

- Jason Potter: St. Stephen, Vienna

- UB: Cupertino, but not complete

- Mateusz Nosek: Chicago (east)

- Antoine: Port of Athens

- Troels: Copenhagen

- anders: Central Park (big!)

- maps deenon: Oslo

- Joe Moe: Houston

- Greg: Polynesian Resort, Walt Disney

- Barbatana: Berlin (stitched)

- Johnathan: Minneapolis, detail

- Jenn: : Shore Club Hotel

- Peggy Dermody: Thompson Center, Chicago

- YvonneVictoria: Oslo center

- Darrick Borowski: Lower East Side

- Christos Cloudel: Athens, a bit more to the North

- alex Klos: Munich

- pozsgayb: Budapest

- German Cintas: Asuza LA (east of Sci Arc)

- Chris: Broadbeach

- bobtilton: Chicago (obj format)

- downtown Santa Monica

- CNArchitecture: Melbourne (west of Exhibition Hall)

- shmamson: Philadelphia Museum of Art, as obj file

- Igor: Venice, CA

- Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid

- ddutchie: Berlin

- Ale k: Dublin, Dublin B

- Sarah: North Abu Dhabi

- Maria: Nikolaiplatz, Munich

- Hepto: Minato, Tokyo

- Demetrio: Old Lisbon Center

- Sirla: Reykjavik, Iceland

- Sitou: Texas Medical Center

- Governor's Island

- Berlin (SE)

- Vienna

- Munich 

- Kolobreg, Poland

- Texas Medical Center

And I'm back after a week hiatus:

- Otto Wagner Pavilion

- Place Vendome

- Ramp with building heights

- Raffles Place, Singapore

- Venice

- Coal Harbor

Chartreuse range

- Zakozaki junction

- La Carlota Airport (with overlaps)

Seattle Downtown

- Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence

- Raleigh Lake, NC

- Flinders Street, Melbourne

- Chinese Embassy

- Utrecht Transtation, unstitched

- London, stitched

- Hansaviertiel

- Warsaw

- Ginowan raw captures

- DC Rotunda

- Metrodome, Minneapolis

- London

Berlin Haupbahnhof
Hamburg Haupbahnhof, center

- Milan South, detail, and Milan's traditional center

- Providence, RI

- Guggenheim, NYC

- beautiful Pompidou, Paris

- Cardiff, UK

- Milan train station

- Itami Airport, raw captures; stitched, thanks to David

- 3rd Arrondissement, Paris

- Portuense, Rome, triple stitched so you may have some overlaps

- Rotterdam, zoomed out.

- San Francisco. You were almost there:

 first delete the north and compass boxes, zoom extents

then delete the text and data boxes, zoom extents

finally, unweld your model

- Milan

- Brussels

- Sanei-cho

- Honkomagome

- Macau

- Parthenon

- Copahagen

- Rinjhaven small large

- Amsterdam

- Downtown LA

- Pasadena, LA

- Beverly Hills, LA

- Chicago

- Windsor Ontario

- Magic Kingdom

- Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- Muhouse, France -sorry for the delay, I'm definitely getting lazy

- Tokyo fish market

- Tokyo

- London:

- Berlin:

- Houston MMPark:

- Greater London:

Only a portion seems modelled here, good luck!

- Giudecca, Italy:

there may be some duplicates, had to stitch a a few shots

- London:

- Munich:

- Paris:

- San Sebastian:

- Turin:

- Paris:

For Example, a request for "Stockholm, Sweden/ 59d19'56.14"N-18d03'29.26"E @ 111ft in rhino" will allow me to find the following:

And from there, I can pull up the 3d model in rhino:

I will try to check back frequently to answer people's requests.


  1. Thanks for post! But i´m getting OBJ files of 260 KB maybe becosue i have windows 7. Will you please Xtract the obj file of this location: San Sebastian LATITUDE 43°19'40.86"N LONGITUDE 1°58'28.50"O
    I really apreciate, i´have to make a model of this part of the town with the beachwalk. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello. I'm a architect student and would like to know if it's possible to get a part of Paris? The location is:
    Latitude: 48°53'16.63"N
    Longitude: 2°22'49.94"E
    height: 72 meters
    If you can make it, it would be awesome!!! Thanks in advance. Titi

  3. Hey llamaic, thanks for offering this service! Really really nice of you. I don't know what I was doing wrong but I can't get OGLE to work. Tried XP and 7 machines with GE from version 4 upwards. Spent many hours with no success. Will try again but I would be very thankful if you could help me out this time with a model of inner-city Munic, Germany. The position is: 48°8'21.48"N / 11°33'53.73"E. Height is up to you, for me the bigger the better. I hopefully can use this data for various uses (rendering, cam modeling, etc.). Thanks!

  4. You are the best! Thank you again!

  5. Sup Llamaic, i am also a student of architecture. I am currently doing research for my thesis project next spring. I will be designing a vertical farm 35,000 meters square with a residential component. Its located in More London, right next to the Norman Foster city hall. I have spent the last 5 hours trying to extract this site with no luck. If you could extract it i would greatly appreciate it! ( 51"30' 24.88" N 0" 04' 39.58" W) (Eye alt 7350ft)

    Thanks Again

  6. Hi there, another architecture student checking in! I've been up all night trying to get glxtractor/3dvia/glintercept to work with no luck. Your method was the most promising, again windows 7 pc and super small or 0kb .obj files :( Was hoping you could perhaps grab this area for me...
    0° 7'33.10"W
    985m height

    Thanks in advance!

  7. YOU ARE MY HERO! Thank you so much for the model! Would it be possible to send you a few quid via paypal or something? Seriously really appreciate it. Obviously ideally i'd have my setup working, I run windows 7, and the exact same versions of google earth and glXtractor but only getting 0kb obj, any ideas?
    Thanks again!

  8. Hello. I'm a architect student and would like to know if it's possible to get all the Giudecca Island in Venice Italy ? The location is:
    Latitude: 45°25'18.40"N
    Longitude: 12°19'29.22"E
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi everyone, I'm glad to be able to help you guys. It takes about 30-45 mins for me to capture/save into rhino/post online. I'm still working on a way for everyone to get it with their windows 7. Maybe I can put everything on a usb...

    Thanks for the compliments. I've put up a Paypal donate link on the sidebar.

  10. You are the best! Thank you again!

  11. Hi Jimmy, I'm another student of architecture having the same problems as everyone else. Would be really great if you could grab my project site area.
    Latitude - 51°31'25.52"N
    Longitude - 0°06'48.11"W
    Height - 30
    @dan has the right idea, your doing a huge favour to so many people!
    Thanks, joe

  12. You sir, are a legend! Unbelievably helpful, Thank you! joe

  13. Hey Jimmy!
    I'm also a student of architecture and I'm so glad I found your link. I would really appreciate it if you could grab my project site area that surrounds this location:
    Lat: 29^45'23.52"N
    Long: 95^21'08.01"W
    Height: 43ft

    This is incredible of you to help so many people out! Thanks!

  14. Hello mate!

    With me it's the same old story of an architecture student doing a project. In this case the revamping of a square in Berlins city center at
    and you grabing the surrounding buildings would be amazing.

    Thanks a lot for giving a hand!

  15. Hi, I'm a designer and I also seem to be having the same issue as everyone else. Would really appreciate it if you could grab this site:
    Latitude - 51°30'59.80"N
    Longitude - 0°07'45.36"W
    Elev - 39m

    May good karma come your way! Many thanks,

  16. Thats amazing! Thank you very much for helping me, as well as all these other people out.
    This will be invaluble information in analysis of the urban grain for a project I'm working on.

    Kind regards

  17. this is great! I seem to be having the same problem as others have. I would appreciate it if you could grab this site for my use in an architecture project for school.
    Latitude - 35°39'45.07"N
    Longitude - 139°46'10.38"E
    Eye Alt - 5800ft

  18. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I am currently doing an architecture project for school also. I would love it if you can grab this shot for my use in the Fish Market project in Tokyo Japan.
    Latitude - 35deg39'03.19" N
    Longitude - 139deg46'15.22" E
    Eye Alt - 3315 ft
    Thanks a lot!!!

  19. Hello and thank you for all your help.
    I'm also an architecture student and
    I need to extract the following location (Muhouse, France)

    47°45'40.30"N 7°21'08.53"E
    eye altitude 4000 ft

    Thanks !


  20. Hello sir/madam. I'm a architect student also. Could you possibly post the whole of Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?
    The location is: 
Latitude: 22°54'39.18"S
Longitude: 43°10'50.51"W
I really hope you can.
    Thank you so much if you're able to help me out - i think what you're doing is great!

  21. I've just posted the last 2 sites, best of luck with your projects!

  22. Thank you so much Jimmy.

    I have to donate - you saved my life (not literally) :)

  23. Do you think that you could please try getting a model of Magic Kingdom (Disney World, Orlando FL) for me. I keep trying and cannot seem to get it to work. I want to try and use this for some custom sceneary in Roller Coaster Tycoon.


  24. I finally got it to sort of work. I was able to get the model out but only if I import it into 3ds max as a single mesh, and it does not have any texture. The textures are not anywhere on my computer either. Is there something I am doing wrong?


  25. Sorry for all of the posts... I keep working on it... I got it to import as individual pieces by using Rhino... I guess 3ds max's obj importer is not very good. So using Rhino I converted it back to 3ds and loaded that into 3ds max. Now the only thing I am having trouble with is the texture. Have you gotten the texture to work?

  26. Hi llamaic,

    I would like to get Macau City 3D building from Google Earth for design's study.

    22° 8'14.14"N
    Eye Alt: 19745ft

    Eye Alt: 19745ft

    Thanks for help...

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Updated Request - Magic Kingdom FL

    28° 25'04.09"N
    Eye Alt: 3303FT

    This will be used in a short, non profit movie referencing the area.
    Thank you very much for your help!

  29. 3D Model request:
    Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    Area bound by Park St to the north, Wyandotte to the south, Ouellette to the west, Goyeau to the east.

    Latitude: 42°18'55.87"N
    Longitude: 83° 2'11.29"W

    thank you!!

  30. Jimmy,

    I have a model request, which is the following,

    chicago, united states
    Lat: 41°52'36.59"N
    Long: 87°39'07.89"W
    Height: 180m



    1. Hi, were you able to make this model work? I am on a mac/maya and cannot figure out how to open a .3dm file.

    2. 3dm is a rhino format, I'll save it as obj for you

  31. Hi there!

    First of all thanks for being so generous and helpful! I'm a Dutch urban planning student researching Los Angeles. Could you help me with finding the following three fragments, for Rhino without any textured facades.

    los angeles beverly hills 34° 4'9.44"N 118°24'5.95"W (eyeheight 2.15km)
    los angeles pasadena 34° 8'45.95"N 118° 8'45.27"W (eyeheight 2.15km)
    los angeles downtown 34° 2'50.17"N 118°15'11.04"W (eyeheigt 3.92km)

    thanks in front!

  32. Hello !

    Thanks for sharing this trick ! I'm a french architecture student, and i'm searching a parcell of amsterdam (with textured facades it just would be perfect ! if not, it doesnt matter)

    52°21'54.19"N 4°54'05.96"E

    Thanks so much !

  33. Hi, I am a architecture student in usa.
    I am working on urban project and need to site to do analysis.
    Would you please give me a model in Hong Kong and Beijing.
    Thanks a lot.

    Hong Kong 22°17 40.10"N 114°11'25.22"E 0ft eye alt 32295ft
    Beijing 39°59'05.58N 116°24'22.59"E 157ft eye alt 10.27mi

  34. Hi!

    I'm studying architecture, and I'm doing my thesis on a site in Rotterdam. Would you be kind enough to get me a site-model for my project?

    My site is Rijnhaven, located at:
    Latitude: 51°54'14.48"N
    Longitude: 4°29'48.90"E
    Eyeheight: 2.35 km (approximately 7700 ft)

    I'll post a pic, once I get it going with the project!

    Thank you! It's very much appreciated! :)

    Ps. is the detail of the 3D model dependent on eyeheight, or only the amount of area captured?

  35. Pps. In case quality is dependent on eyeheight, I would also like to request a model at the same location, but at a different height:

    Latitude: 51°54'14.48"N
    Longitude: 4°29'48.90"E
    Eyeheight: 800 m (approximately 2625 ft)


  36. Hi guys,

    I'm trying to check in once every few days.

    @Arnaud, this method does not nor am I willing to capture textured surfaces... you are always welcomed to build and reinsert your model into google earth for that

    @Victor Lo, this method is not really effective for urban analysis. You do not need a 3d city model (unuseable on most computers) to do analysis. You are better off using a GIS cad base

    @Esben, I'll love to see your WIP!

  37. Thank you very much! The model seems really good, and I look forward to model my building in it.
    I'll post back, when I've done some process on the project :)

    One of my study friends have a request as well, but he has problems logging in to comment. Could you make a 3D model of a site in Copenhagen DK?

    The request is:
    Eye alt 2.5 km


  38. Hi,

    Here is a request to check my method, as I cannot capture buildings and monuments (only ground):

    Parthenon, Athens, Greece

    If anyone has a solution for it, it's welcome.


  39. Hi,

    I am an architect students in the US and for my studio project, I am proposing to build a safe house for trafficking victims in Honkomagome, Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. It would be great if you can please help me retrieve any 3d models for the site. The model will provide great context for my project.

    Honkomagome, Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan

    latitude: 35°43'47.99"N
    longitude: 139°44'55.45"E
    eye alt: 7134 ft

    Thank you,
    The Phan

  40. Hi,

    I am a University of Minnesota graduate architecture student. For my MFP I am working on a housing armature and dwelling unit system in Tokyo, Japan. I am looking for a site model for my project, if you could help me that would be awesome!

    Sanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

    latitude: 35°41'21.95"N
    longitude: 139°43'34.61"E
    eye alt: 1.22km

    Thanks so much!

  41. Hi,

    I need some model in Macau for design project.

    Latitude: 22°11'27.08"N
    Longitude: 113°32'35.39"E
    Eye Alt: 2264ft

  42. Hi, I am trying to get the model of Brussels, for an image I am working on. I need basically whole center:
    LA: 50°51'4.56"N
    LO: 4°20'54.16"E
    Eye Alt: 4km
    I tried everything I could think off in your method, but the only result I got was a terrain mesh. no buildings. After whole day I gave up. I would be really gratefull if you could help me with that.

    thank you very much,

    PS: I will be happy to show image after I am done

  43. Hey guys, thanks for all the hard work. I can't seem to get the program working on my computer so I'm putting in a request here.

    I would like to request a model of Itami Airport and surrounding area (a few miles at least), it's in Osaka, Japan.



  44. opps! forgot the longitude, latitude: it's


    1. Sorry David, at that distance Google Earth doesn't show much of the buildings. Let me know if I still can help.

    2. Hey, thanks for trying! Sorry I didn't respond to this sooner, I was actually in Japan visiting the site.

      This might be a totally unreasonable request, but is it possible to construct the area (doesn't have to 1-2 miles) around the airport by stitching several models together? I could do the stitching if you're willing to extract the models. I could of course compensate you for your time as well. Let me know what think, and if you want to discuss over e-mail.

      Thanks again!

    3. it's fine, do you want to leave me an email?

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. Hi guys.
    I am an architect and I am working on a research-project in Milan.
    I can't make the program running on my computer so I'm asking help here!!! The area is

    Milan, Italy

    latitude: 45°29'01.05"N
    longitude: 9°11'31.90"E
    eye alt: 4,4 km

    Best Regards, Max

  46. Hi llamaic,

    Yet another architect student here. I was recommended here by a friend and was hoping you would be able to make a model for me of Stratford (East London).

    the latitude and longitudes are as follows:

    51˚31'46.99" N
    0˚00'50.45" W
    700m altitude

    all the best

    1. Can you verify that Google Earth has a 3d model of that area?

    2. ah sadly not - its just flat land with no modelled buildings.

  47. Predictably, another archi. I've tried multiple times, even downloading google earth 5 just in case, the best I get is the obj file with the boxes where the google north arrow and compasses are. I'm working on my masters thesis looking at urban density and need a model of san francisco.

    latitude and long:
    37˚47'30.52" N
    122˚23'53.12" W
    elev 11ft
    eye alt 5507

    Thanks in advance

    1. It sounds like you were almost there. To isolate the meshes, you'll need to delete the north arrow and compass boxes, zoom extents, delete some more text boxes, and zoom extents again.

      I've uploaded a copy of SF from my end, but can you confirm that your process? I'd like to know whether it just works for me or if someone else out there can get the same results. Thanks!

  48. Hi,

    Another architecture student here! Had no success with the process after many attempts. Working on a project in the south of Rotterdam for my thesis project.

    51˚53'10.32" N
    4˚32'18.91" W
    Alt: 1.2km and if at all possible 2.4km

    Thanks in advance,

  49. Hi,
    I have a real need to finish my degree. I should reconstruct in 3D the blue area with texture of this link . could you help me with that? I'll be very grateful for this.
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Daniele,

      This method only helps with getting a rough 3d context model. For detailed textures, it sounds like you might want to just try uploading a sketchup model into google earth. That way, you'll have access to the textures.

      Best of luck!

    2. Hi IIamail!
      thanks for the clarification. Since this is so, it should be fine without texture. is it possible? thank you very much. And if there were no buildings in the selected areas (because no one had them) do equally well.
      Thanks in advance again. The problem is that i try to do your method in opengl mode but i failed everytime that i try....

  50. Hi, I'm graduate architecture student from Paris. I am working on 3th district in Paris
    Could you make a 3D model of this site?


    Thanks a lot.

  51. Hi Ilamaic,
    I am an architecture student (I'll be graduated next month) and I am working on my thesis about research-project in Milan-Bicocca.
    I tried your method many times, but I got some errors. :(
    Could you help me please? It would be very appreciated!
    The area is

    Milan, Italy
    latitude: 45°31'5.59"N
    longitude: 9°12'55.23"E
    eye alt: 3,6 km

    Best Regards, Michele

  52. Hi, I'm architecture student and want to have access to this certain area. Unfortunately,I can't successfully extract the model following your tutorial.

    Please help me extract this certain area .

    street no. A4055 ,Cardiff UK


    I think I'm gonna need 500x500m model boundary from this point.

    Many thanks.

  53. Hi! i need the zone around the Centre George Pompidou in Paris..if is possible a square area of 1km length which the museum in the centre..thanks!!!

  54. Hello Ilamaic,

    Like the people above ^ I am an architecture student unsuccessfully trying to extract an .obj file from google earth. Tried the DirectX ripper also. In both cases my computer didn't seem to respond to the capture command. It is for a final year project in Fitzroy, Melbourne (37°48'02.00"S 144°58'56.99"E E Alt: 3.27km) I've created a map with the extents shaded in red: My email:

    Many thanks in advance

  55. Hallo IIamaic,

    currently teaching in Prague, I have a pleasure to you, i was trying to export an model from, finally it didn't work to me. Can you please make a capture for me and my students, we are trying to develop a new Guggenheim Musem for NewYork, i need the surrounding.

    40°46'58.42'' N
    73°57'32.07'' W
    elev 197 ft

    Guggenheim Museum, NewYork
    with surrounding

    if it works, i will donate you

    Thanks in forward

  56. I am an architecture student trying to extract an obj file of a site in Providence RI for a final year project. It just isn't working for me, could you please help me with this.

    41° 49' 40.54" N
    71° 24' 41.63" W
    elev 9ft

    Also, how do I donate if this works?

  57. Hello Ilamaic,
    I am an architecture student as well, as many of the people above, and I have been trying to extract a 3D model of Milan without any success, and hope to use the model in a competition where I need to study surroundings and context, this is the only way I might be able to get a grasp of the site. Could you help me out? I would be very grateful.
    My email is

    These are the coordinates:
    45°26'49.74" N
    9°11'17.56" E
    Elev. 116m

    As much context as you can give me would help me out so much. I really appreciate this, and hope to hear from you soon. Your work is extremely useful and helpful.

    Thanks so much.


    1. If we can get this to work, I will certainly donate.
      Thanks so much.

  58. Thank you so much for taking time out of you busy schedule to help grab Honkagome, Tokyo, Japan for me.

    Thank you,
    The Phan

  59. Hello Llamaic,

    I'm trying to get your method to work, everything seems fine but nothing is apearing in the designated folder after a while. Could you please get me these two models?

    Berlin Haupbahnhof area
    coordinates: 52°31′30″N 13°22′09″E
    eye alt: 2.5km

    Hamburg Haupbahnhof
    coordinates: 53° 33′ 10″ N, 10° 0′ 23″ E
    eye alt: 1km

    Thank you in advance


    1. I just realized you don't have any way to contact me since i appear as unknown (don't know why)...


      Is telling me that my openGl is too old...

    2. I tried with a newer computer... but there google earth 5 in open gl doesn't work. When i try with GE6 i only get the terrain and not the buildings

  60. I have tried.. but didn't working.. could you help me extract site
    I'm Interior Design student.

    London area.
    coordinates:51°30'31.10"N 0°06'44 62"W elev 12ft

  61. Hi,
    First of all wonderful site. Brilliant. and thank goodness for your generosity. I too am a Graduate Architecture student in need of a 3D model of my site but frustrated that I cannot attain it with google earth. I am planning an urban scheme for a vineyard and winery downtown minneapolis near the metrodome. It’s a crazy idea so I need a crazy cool model to go along with it
    44 58'30.26"N
    93 15'36.43" W
    Eye Alt 7,456 ft

    Many Thanks

  62. Hello Ilamaic,

    I am an architecture student as well, I have been trying to extract a 3D model of Rotondas in the DC area and I tried with older version of google earth without any success,

    Could you help me out? I would be very grateful.

    My email is

    These are the coordinates:

    latitude 38°56'35.28"N

    longitude 77° 1'9.47"W

    Thank again and I hope hear from you soon.


  63. Hi, thank you very much for your support and for this wonderful blog. I'm an Italian illustrator and I need to work with a 3d reference of the old Warsaw buildings for create a image of the city. So, if possible can you help me?

    Warsaw, Poland:

    latitude 52°15'07.09"N
    longitude 21°00'33.48"E
    elev 100m

    Many thanks,

  64. Hi, I'm a master student from brunswike. My masterthesis is about the hansaviertel, berlin. I tried everything, but it does not work.. (

    Could you make a 3D model of this scene?



    Thank you! best, dennes

    1. Ilamaic! you are the best guy in the internet! thank you so much!

  65. Hello! I'm a student in London doing an architectural project, could you please do a model of the following , I tried everything and nothing works!

    Eye alt 1300m

    Thank you so much for your efforts!

    1. Can you check your coordinates/ give me a screen shot please? I can't seem to find anything I can capture

  66. Hello!
    thanks so much for this
    my request is the following:
    utrecht: lat 52.09582 long 5.09684 (upper left corner of selected region)
    lat 52.08432 long 5.12225 (lower right corner of selected region)
    thanks again

    1. I'm going to assuming that those long/lats are in decimals, which leads me to capture a shot of the Utrecht train station and immediate surroundings.

      If that wasn't your intention, can you submit a screen shot of your site?

    2. Just curious Monica, what are you working on at this train station site?

  67. Hello,

    Could you please do this one for us? The address is 2300 Connecticut ave, DC. This is a residential building for Chinese embassy and we are working on a renovation project of the site. So we really don't care about this building; we want the surrounding buildings.

    38 55 07 North
    77 02 57 West

    really appreciate your help.

  68. Hi

    I am doing a urban design and redevelopment project around flinders street station in melbourne as my final project at university. Would love if you could help me out.

    37'49'03 144'57'28 (upper left corner)
    37'49'17 144'58'30 (lower right corner)


  69. Ok, I give up. I work for architects, am trying to do some site work around this area:

    35 46 13.51 North
    78 40 36.64 West
    Eye Alt 3500ft

    I'm able to get GLExtractor to spit out an .obj file with the associated textures, but after deleting the UI shapes, the rest of the contents are only flat planes, never 3D. Perhaps it's due to my Win 7 64bit workstation. I don't have access to 32bit here or at home.

    Anyway, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Alight, I'll get yours later today.

      I'm sorry that there isn't a better way to do this still. There are a few success cases with the OGLE program (aside from my computer), and I understand how tedious site modelling can get.

      Now, my manual approach to this is actually pretty slow (15mins per capture and upload) so I usually update this post every other day. Just bear with me and I'll get your capture soon!

    2. Hey, thanks for the quick response. I know you're doing this on your own time, so don't worry about not having it done RIGHTTHISMINUTE. I'm interested in troubleshooting the process, and in doing so, found your blog. The architect would like to see stuff sooner than later, so I figured I'd see if I got a response from you while I continued troubleshooting. Looks like I did, so that's awesome. Thanks for your help!

      I was able to successfully extract textured data from Microsoft's Virtual Earth years ago, and I think I used 3D Ripper to do it. But that was two computers ago and Virtual Earth isn't up anymore.

      I'm wondering if 64bit has anything to do with my current problems... what version of Windows are you running?

    3. I'm using a 32bit Win7 sp1
      Mobile Intel 965 Express
      (old vostro 1500)
      old gEarth 5.0.11733.9347
      v0.9.9 OGLE

      best of luck...

  70. Hi, I'm giving up too! I am a design student and I'm trying to extract an .obj file of the whole center of Florence, could you please help me with this.


    2.50 km alt (or less)

    Also, how do I donate if this works?

    Thank you in advance!


    1. If you must donate... I have a Paypal button on the right:)


  71. Hello,

    Since my own attempts were foiled, could you potentially do an extraction of downtown Seattle? I'm using the massed objects to do a wind analysis of the area using Autodesk Project Vasari. I can post some results if you are interested afterwards.

    47*36'25.77" N
    122*20'04.45" W
    261 ft

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you for posting the model of Seattle, good sir!

      You are both a scholar and a gentleman.

  72. Hello,

    I was struggling around during the last days to work out with GLXtractor, but it seems that my video card only exports the terrain. Help me please. We are participating in an architectural design contest aiming the modification of Airport La Carlota in Caracas, Venezuela. I´ll send you final renders later if you want.
    10*29´10 N
    66*50´40 W
    Alt: 850m
    It´s an open plot. I would need the buildings around it, as far as possible especially to the north.
    Thank you very much,

  73. not exactly sure how much you need to capture. Send me a photo of your site and maybe I'll try to get a few raws

    1. Wow, amazing, and how fast you responded...
      If it´s not a big work then will you please make a shot the east part of the city also. How can I send screenshot of what I mean?
      Thanks so much,

    2. you can email @ westerndigital@gmail with an attachment

      note that the part immediately east of the airstrip does not have any modelling.

      FYI, It takes a while to capture and stitch (30mins for the last one). I can't wait until c3 modeller gets published... it will save everyone so much trouble!

    3. Hi Jimmy,
      You are right, I wanted to say west from the site. The historical center of the city is on the west. The mail doesn´t seem to work for me (with .com either)
      What is c3 modeler?
      Now I´m cleaning up the model that you published. It will work for me awesome. Thanks again.
      The above request is not urgent, so if you eventually take the shot of it don´t worry about cleaning it up if there are overlaps. I´ll do it.

    4. Sure, I'll do it later today.

      C3 tech is a 3d mapping software still under development. It looks ridiculously good:

    5. sorry, westerndigital2012@gmail

      there are way too many cities to the west, give me a pic or name

  74. hi , i tried to do the same as it was written on your post but i was not successful. can you please do it for me, i'd be really glad.
    the position is:
    Alt: 467m
    thank you very much.

    1. Glad you tried it, I'll try to do a capture later today

    2. there aren't any models in Padova :( You'll have to create your own

  75. hi! jimmy, I've been all day trying to get this site


    and I have this error all the time
    "FunctionParser::Parse - Unable to open file C:\Users\f?lix\Desktop\GLXtractor\GLFunctions\gliIncludes.h
    Diagnostic: Unknown function glBegin being logged.
    Diagnostic: Unknown function glEnd being logged.


  76. Hi,

    we here in the Fablab in Grenoble, in the French Alps, and we would like to machine (with our CNC mill) the mountain range we are in (the Chartreuse range). But we are having trouble extracting the 3D from google Earth. So if you could help.. :)

    We need:

    5°52'06,24" E
    Eye Alt; 98,05 KM.

    If you could help.. Great!

    Jean-michel Molenaar
    Fablab CCSTI Grenoble

  77. 49.29014 N
    123.126079 W

    I'm doing a studio at this coal harbor site in Vancouver BC. My card doesnt seem to want to export the file correctly. I'm looking to get all of the docks directly off the shore by this coordinate as well as the buildings to the south... Thanks if you can help?


    1. It looks like you'll have to build your own docks:)

  78. Hi,

    I cant extract the 3d model of google can you explain for me how can i. i download the old version of google earth 5.0 but nothing happened when i use the shortcut ctrl shift f in glxtractor. My site is lattitude 45°25'53.75"N and longitude 12°21'37.32"E.

    thank you for this post

  79. Hi Jimmy, Are you still taking requests? Would you be willing to extract the 3d geometry for a project site in Singapore? I am going to be using the geometry for a daylight analysis of the area.

    Also, would it be possible to export a larger context than the 5 or so blocks mentioned in your initial post? Id love to grab the bay area to the North-East of the site location provided.

    Here are the lat/ long cords.
    lat; 1°16'54.53"N
    long; 103°51'1.21"E

  80. Hello,

    Would you mind extracting the following coordinates? I am building a sketchup model to see the area building heights and ramps leading to the bridge.


    Is it also possible to capture the mountains to the north?

    Thank you so much!

  81. Hello,

    Would you mind extracting Paris place Vendôme at the following coordinates? I'm tring to do an interactive game on this place.


    Thank you very much,

  82. hi, i'm an architecture student from vienna and i would really apreciate it if you could extract a model of a part of vienna (austria)

    48°12'03.72" N
    16°22'04.36" O

    thanks in advance.

  83. like someone aleady said, you truly are a gentleman.
    thank you so much.


    1. you're very welcome.
      As I've said before, I'd love to see what you'd do with it.

  84. Hi, Will you please help me to extract a model of the Texas Medical Center in Houston. You help is much much appreciated.

  85. Hi! Could you please extract models of a small polish city - Kolobrzeg?
    height - around 800 meters.
    I could use it as a 3d background for an architectural visualisation :)
    Thanks in advance!


  86. Hello!

    I tried to extract the models as you described, but GoogleEarth kept crashing, even with my own opengl32.dll. I tried on 3 different computers but it didn't work.

    I'd like to make a shadowing analysis for solar panels (with Sketchup).
    The location is in Munich, but isn't included in the file you already posted:
    elev 518m
    Eye alt 1.07km

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,


    1. I finally suceeded in extracting the model on a 4th computer.
      Thanks a lot for the explanation.

    2. Hey, that is great! Good luck with your project.

  87. hi, i'm an architecture student from vienna and i would really apreciate it if you could extract a model of a part of vienna (austria)

    48°13'38.10" N
    16°24'19.50" O

    thanks in advance.

  88. I have absolutely no luck with extracting the model, all I get is the surrounding things like text and compass rose.

    The city block I need for a project in architecture to analyze changes to the local climate through various measures is in the coordinates:
    N52°30'0" to N52°29'46"
    E013°26'12" to E013°26'36"

    The city block is the one with the church surrounded by the streets Görlitzer Straße, Oppelner Straße, Wrangelstraße and Falckenstraße. If all buildings on those streets adjacent to the city block are included as well, this would be perfect.

  89. Hi there,

    Architecture student in NY

    Looking for Govonors Island in NY

    40 41'22.23" N
    74 10'19.51"W

    1. Thanks so much for the extraction, but the link appears to be broken. Thanks again!

    2. I'm uploading in 7z format:

    3. Im still getting the HTTP 404 File Not Found window for the link. Any special instructions?


    4. Looks great! Thank you!

  90. Jimmy, Thank you for the Texas Medical Center model. I just opened it up and it is great. but can you capture the a larger area?

    29°42'39.01" N 95°24'00.78" elev 14m

    I really appreciate this!

    1. Well, what is the overall site context? (You are saying capture elevation @14m). Can you describe your extents or send a photo to westerndigital 2012 @ gmail

    2. Thanks, I just sent you an email, also showing you my work there.

  91. Hi Jimmy / other gentlemen,

    I would be verrrrry grateful if you could help extract Reykjavik, Capital of Iceland, for my Architecture Thesis (used as both visualisation and animation) about the urban regeneration especially after 2008.

    ele 3m

    Perfect if it could stretch from the coordinates for 3,000m NS & EW, much appreciation! Thanks in advance. Please let me buy you a dinner if you will drop by Glasgow / UK anytime :)


    1. 6000m x 6000m is a sh-tload of stuff to capture. I'll do it (later), but you'll need to stitch them together, and you'll owe me dinner:)

      But that city makeup is pretty darn amazing, are all those small single family housing for families or tourists?

    2. you are so very awesome :) thankss a lot! lets keep in touch? are you in architecture as well? would like to update you with the end products prolly in two months time.. thanks again!

      sHirla :P

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. Hey Jimmy,

    After the email, here goes the area I would like to capture, I see that it's kind of a big area (1km radius) around a particular point, with the following coordinates:
    38º 42' 28.60" N
    09º 08' 12.08" W

    This is the old Lisbon City Centre, I'll be able to use it as a backdrop for some of my students CG shots, and we'll definitely post some images here for u to have a look once they're done!

  95. Hey Jimmy,

    I am an architecture student from Australia that would really appreciate an extraction of the Minato District in Tokyo. An area around 600 x 600m would be perfect. The following co-ordinates represent the center of the area.

    35º 39' 58.10" N
    139º 44' 18.72" E

    This would save me a huge amount of time modelling but only if you can spare the time yourself :)

  96. Thanks, the model looks great. I really appreciate the quick reply as well. Saved me a whole load of time.

  97. this is amazing! I seem to be having the same problem as others have. I would appreciate it if you could grab this site for my. I need it for an architecture project for school.

    The site is in Nikolaiplatz 80802 Munich
    GPS Latitude: 48.158619
    GPS Longitude: 11.586779

    If you can help me it would be great!!
    Thank you so much

  98. This is an amazing resource! I would greatly appreciate if you could get this site in Abu Dhabi.

    Latitude:N 24° 29' 50.2188"
    Longitude:E 54° 21' 47.2306"


    1. not much has been modeled here...

    2. The model picks up some of the street geometry, which is very helpful - this is fantastic - thanks!

  99. Hi

    Can I possibly get part of Dublin city centre.
    Centred on

    Latitude: N 53 21 17 12
    Longitude: W 6 15 48 7 67

    If I could get as much of the surrounding streets and buildings I would be very grateful.

    Thank you very much.


    1. email address if wanted to send it.
      kellphilip at gmail dot com

      I am not too sure how you post the models.
      thank you again.


    2. Thank you very much for this.
      Can I ask for one more a same city please.

      N 53 20 28.45
      W 6 15 37.31

      If you could I would be grateful.

      Thank you again.


  100. You are awesome, please could you do me a favour and get Berlins city center at

    But with this kmz overlay.

    That would be epic.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. Another student request if I may. This time for Madrid, Spain.


    Height 690m

  102. Hi!

    Sorry to bug you, but I really, really need a model of Venice, CA for a school project.

    Would greatly appreciate it.


    Thank you so much

    1. summer school?
      I'll grab it in a few hours

  103. Philadelphia Please!

  104. As much or little as you're willing to do. Preferably need Art museum area at this point

    1. let me know if that is enough, or you would like to see a few more tiles around the area.

  105. Wow man you kick a$$. So quick. Sadly, I can't open 3dm files. Any chance of an obj, fbx, etc?

  106. YOU ARE A GOD MY FRIEND. thank you so much!

  107. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! your good deeds will not go unnoticed!

  108. Hi I am a visualization enthusiast and would like to request Virginia Avenue Park in Santa Monica California : Latitude 34° 1'17.51"N Longitude 118°28'3.22"W at 800m above ground. THANK YOU!!

    1. So... it looks like it's a really nice park, but it has no 3d info about it. There's nothing that I can do about it.

  109. Actually, could you just do all of santa monica? Would be SOO appreciated! Thank You!

    1. I'd really love to help you (as well as myself) to a model of SM, but I don't see much there.
      I'll try to make a cap if you give me a screen shot of an area with 3d models.

    2. Downtown Santa monica. I will send a screen shot. THANKS!

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Replies
    1. I don't know.
      gmail me westerndigital2012@

  112. Jimmy,
    I am trying to get hold of the Broadbeach, Gold Coast model and buildings.
    Are you able to help me out?
    Gmail me jacksc02@

  113. Hi Jimmy, please be kind and help me out getting the following area.


    Thank you very much!

  114. Hi,
    I am a Visual Artist from Munich/Germany and I am working on a Study for a new Building at a prominent place in my hometown.

    The coordinates are 48.133171, 11.562155
    (Intersection : Nussbaumstrasse/ Ziemsstrasse)

    Best Regards....

  115. Hi!
    I am trying to extract the this area of Budapest, Hungary:
    47.511, 19.073
    It's strange, because I could get the terrain, but not the buildings. If you can, please help me!
    Thank you very much!

  116. Hello. It's an unbelievably incredible thing you're doing to help people. I've been struggling for two weeks now to get a model of the buildings from Athens city center. I've tried more than 3 different softwares and approaches but no luck. Quite depserate i must admit at the moment:( I would be grateful if you could help
    Thanks in advance

    height 3km

    1. let me know if that's enough

    2. First of all i would like to thank you very much for the file. Secondly i have used your software on 4 different computers and all i keep on getting is the terrain (i read your comment regarding that). Finally i really don't want to be greedy but im missing about 4 city blocks on the northern part (about 700 meters. If it is hard i'll do my job with what you have already sent me. Once again Thank you very much .

    3. That's why I asked:) I realize how frustrating this process can be, and that's also why I'm doing this still in the first place.

  117. Hi, Thanks for the tutorial and your time. I've tried several times but so far been unable to get this to work on my Macbook pro running bootcamp. I have PNG and TXT files in the frame folder but the OBJ comes out as 0Kb and loads with nothing in it.
    I'd be super grateful for a model of New York's Lower East Side, centered on 40°43'10.16"N, 73°58'44.92"W at an altitude of around 2500 or even up to 5000 ft. I am an architect working on a proposal for a rooftop greenhouse and would like to have some context in the model for rendering and solar/shading studies! Thanks so much in advance! Much appreciated!

  118. Replies
    1. Tell me, what about Oslo of the land of the midnight sun?

    2. I need the buildings height information to use it for building an interactive painting, as i call them. Unreal Oslo...

      Can you please help me set up the configuration on my system?

      Do I need Windows XP for it to work or will it work on Windows 7 64 bits?
      Is it critical which brand the graphicCard is? I have tried on 3 other computers using Nvidia cards under Win7 without trying a MAD card and win7(64)...

      can we establish email contact or google chat or some such? I am reaaly desperate to get this some point i even purchased a licence of gameassassin....and have most but not all of the downtown area of Oslo...It wold be great to have all of the buildings height info with the terrain to be able to use it in a real time simulation....


  119. Hi Jimmy,
    I'm an architecture student who came across your tutorials. Even though it didn't quite work for me, I did learn some new things from you, so thank you. I'm working on the an Adaptive Re-use project on the Thompson center in downtown Chicago: 42° 53'09.12" N, 87°37'56.66" W elev. 596 ft.I'm working on a model of the immediate surrounding buildings. I have most of them, but if you would be able to extract the site for me that would be helpful in order help me complete my site.
    IIT Arch Student

    1. Since your coordinates gave me a piece of the lake, I'm going to have to assume that you want the James R Thompson center in downtown Chicago

  120. Hi Jimmy,

    I have been trying for days now to get exactly what you are doing here...amazed this even exists! I couldn't seem to get the page to open to get GLXtractor. I'm an architecture student also (you are saving so many of us!), and I'm looking to get Miami Beach, specifically the Shore Club Hotel and surrounding blocks:
    25°47'41.47" N 80°07'42.11"W I think at 567m...
    This would be some sort of miracle if it works. I'm still going to try to get the program for the future but for now any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for the blog and for doing this for so many people. Awesome.

    Thanks again!

  121. Hey Jimmy,

    I am trying to create a massing model of Downtown Minneapolis. I am not concerned with the textures or topo. My main concern is getting all of the building footprints.. I can extrude them manually if it is less of a hassle.

    The goal is to create a 3d model then move forward with a physical model. I plan on using a laser cutter.

    If you could capture as large of an area as possible, I would be very happy. Thank you in advance!!


    1. Jonathon, what you are asking for is a few overlapping captures. I'll do the captures if you can email back a stitched version:)

  122. Hello, i'm employed in small architecture company and we are preparing a 3d model of new building (i want to show a neighbourhood for this building and urban context). Is possible to grab this part of berlin (rectangle corners):
    A) 52°31'3.02"N, 13°23'31.05"E
    B) 52°31'48.98"N, 13°24'51.07"E
    C) 52°30'19.21"N, 13°21'56.54"E
    D) 52°30'31.78"N, 13°25'6.95"E