Wednesday, January 16, 2013


To request an extracted Google Earth model (via GLXtractor method), simply post a reply below. In it, please let me know the following: Google longitude/latitude, height, and intent for the model. <-- Interested to see what cool stuff people come up with. I will then post a small 5x5 block of the site for you to download here.

There's got to be a better way around this. I'm often too busy to check up here. To expedite the process, I recommend sending me a Google Earth kml file of the site, at the correct zoom. And keep your requests tight (max 2km high). Or at least send me a screenshot I'll try to respond within a reasonable time limit. Thanks! 1-16-13

Sorry guys, my Vostro 1500 laptop is down. Seems only that type of laptop works with this process. So until I can fix it, this service will have concluded. Sorry to those that recently requested help... you were a bit too late!

Chicago Loop KK
Times Square ML
Westlake LA KK
Miami Beach NG
Peachtree Atlanta CW

- Evan: Dog Park, Washington Square Park, NYC

- Nick: Palazzo, Las Vegas (big file, you'll need to stitch)

- Mezzzo: Brooklyn Navy Yard

- Asia Rivera: Paris

-Ciro: Florence

- Irma: Le Gru Shopville

- Jill: Times Square

- Megan: Pretoria Union, South Africa; site

- Sam: Flat Iron, NYC

- ANNA: Detroit Waterfront

- Clemens: Berlin

- flok: Avenida Paulista

- Federico Nigro: Milan

- UB: Apple Headquarters, CA

- Stellenbosch South Africa

- Bogdanov: TriBeCa, NYC

- del Carmen: San Diego part A, part B

- Alex Phi: Crystal Palace, Oakland

- sarah L.: East Village, NYC

- augsav: Cincinnati, OH

- Sergio del Castillo: Madrid

- Steven K: Vienna

- Jason Potter: St. Stephen, Vienna

- UB: Cupertino, but not complete

- Mateusz Nosek: Chicago (east)

- Antoine: Port of Athens

- Troels: Copenhagen

- anders: Central Park (big!)

- maps deenon: Oslo

- Joe Moe: Houston

- Greg: Polynesian Resort, Walt Disney

- Barbatana: Berlin (stitched)

- Johnathan: Minneapolis, detail

- Jenn: : Shore Club Hotel

- Peggy Dermody: Thompson Center, Chicago

- YvonneVictoria: Oslo center

- Darrick Borowski: Lower East Side

- Christos Cloudel: Athens, a bit more to the North

- alex Klos: Munich

- pozsgayb: Budapest

- German Cintas: Asuza LA (east of Sci Arc)

- Chris: Broadbeach

- bobtilton: Chicago (obj format)

- downtown Santa Monica

- CNArchitecture: Melbourne (west of Exhibition Hall)

- shmamson: Philadelphia Museum of Art, as obj file

- Igor: Venice, CA

- Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid

- ddutchie: Berlin

- Ale k: Dublin, Dublin B

- Sarah: North Abu Dhabi

- Maria: Nikolaiplatz, Munich

- Hepto: Minato, Tokyo

- Demetrio: Old Lisbon Center

- Sirla: Reykjavik, Iceland

- Sitou: Texas Medical Center

- Governor's Island

- Berlin (SE)

- Vienna

- Munich 

- Kolobreg, Poland

- Texas Medical Center

And I'm back after a week hiatus:

- Otto Wagner Pavilion

- Place Vendome

- Ramp with building heights

- Raffles Place, Singapore

- Venice

- Coal Harbor

Chartreuse range

- Zakozaki junction

- La Carlota Airport (with overlaps)

Seattle Downtown

- Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence

- Raleigh Lake, NC

- Flinders Street, Melbourne

- Chinese Embassy

- Utrecht Transtation, unstitched

- London, stitched

- Hansaviertiel

- Warsaw

- Ginowan raw captures

- DC Rotunda

- Metrodome, Minneapolis

- London

Berlin Haupbahnhof
Hamburg Haupbahnhof, center

- Milan South, detail, and Milan's traditional center

- Providence, RI

- Guggenheim, NYC

- beautiful Pompidou, Paris

- Cardiff, UK

- Milan train station

- Itami Airport, raw captures; stitched, thanks to David

- 3rd Arrondissement, Paris

- Portuense, Rome, triple stitched so you may have some overlaps

- Rotterdam, zoomed out.

- San Francisco. You were almost there:

 first delete the north and compass boxes, zoom extents

then delete the text and data boxes, zoom extents

finally, unweld your model

- Milan

- Brussels

- Sanei-cho

- Honkomagome

- Macau

- Parthenon

- Copahagen

- Rinjhaven small large

- Amsterdam

- Downtown LA

- Pasadena, LA

- Beverly Hills, LA

- Chicago

- Windsor Ontario

- Magic Kingdom

- Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- Muhouse, France -sorry for the delay, I'm definitely getting lazy

- Tokyo fish market

- Tokyo

- London:

- Berlin:

- Houston MMPark:

- Greater London:

Only a portion seems modelled here, good luck!