Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hardly Working

It doesn't seem so bad in perspective

I will try a more disciplined approach towards work next week.

Actually, there is no work left. It is time for me to take a break and start making plans for the return trip.

Friday, May 14, 2010

visiting LACMA

I spent half a day touring LACMA (LA county museum of arts) for the architecture and art. The campus by Renzo Piano employs an orange-red color as a motif, highlighting delicate columns, beams, and circulation corridors, and suggesting an overall lightness to the architecture.

I enjoyed the cracked glass egg on the main display, Serra's works downstairs, and a few paintings. I able to see some original works by the Bauhaus founders. Alas, most of the cool stuff I couldn't photograph:(

Serra had two large pieces on display - the first is insulation batt swatch, 
and this one is the canyon/infinity loop

diary of a fly - Maholy Nagy
 proun 3A - El Lissitzky

Japanese Pavilion with the 36 views of Edo

There was also a beautiful headdress piece in the Southeast Asian level (very nearly missed it). I couldn't resist photographing it for a synth:

Biking to the Staples Center

A bike ride on May 3rd (18+mi)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekend work

I've been working as a jack-rabbit this weekend, all day and all night. For that matter, last week has been super busy as well. All this have negatively impacted my sleeping schedule and mental health. Here's my way of venting - by diagramming my declining sanity throughout the weekend:

cyan and grey are sleep and personal health, red is a dinner that I made for my neighbor, and pink is helping out a friend
(the upticks are usually lunch, dinner, and sleep)

For some reason, the making of this diagram has helped to calm me down. It becomes easy to see that I need take care of myself better. (and that too much work makes jimmy a craazy boy!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

4th Week in LA

My camera validates what I see. Here are some from my first week.

a small shelter at night
While waiting for laundry at night, I played around with the camera's time exposure settings. I love the ability to create overlapping images.

breathtakingly bright and calm waters
Perfect beach weather.

neighborhood view of twilight sky
Sunday night, leeching internet outside.