Friday, May 14, 2010

visiting LACMA

I spent half a day touring LACMA (LA county museum of arts) for the architecture and art. The campus by Renzo Piano employs an orange-red color as a motif, highlighting delicate columns, beams, and circulation corridors, and suggesting an overall lightness to the architecture.

I enjoyed the cracked glass egg on the main display, Serra's works downstairs, and a few paintings. I able to see some original works by the Bauhaus founders. Alas, most of the cool stuff I couldn't photograph:(

Serra had two large pieces on display - the first is insulation batt swatch, 
and this one is the canyon/infinity loop

diary of a fly - Maholy Nagy
 proun 3A - El Lissitzky

Japanese Pavilion with the 36 views of Edo

There was also a beautiful headdress piece in the Southeast Asian level (very nearly missed it). I couldn't resist photographing it for a synth:

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