Monday, February 3, 2014

Google earth 5

To all the people who make your requests directly to my gmail, thank you. Since I only have weekend access to the computer that makes the captures, I can't verify your model actually exists in Google earth version 5. So please please take a look for yourself first before submitting your request-I hate to take a week of your time only to tell you it's not possible!


  1. Hey Jimmy did you figure out any way to convert new city models from the new google earth versions ?

    I tried desperately to extract Luxembourg-City to 3DS max I used 3D ripper and also Ninjaripper but none of them would work you got any solution for this ?

  2. Hey Jimmy
    Jurgis from Vienna is writing
    i just got to know your blog and all these 3d models you pull from google earth.
    I was trying to get the 3d model from google earth of Salzburg (Austria) down town using 3d ripped dx , but somehow i doesnt work. As soon as i launch the google earth from 3d ripped dx, it gives me an error.
    i was wondering if you could help me out with it ?
    Could you please contant me back to my gmail account ?
    I would appreciate it