Friday, September 30, 2011

Making Slabs with Grasshopper

Slab is a limited command in rhino, but it has its uses in quickly putting up simple extrusions. It's always annoying to change your workflow because a basic tool is missing in grasshopper, so:

The definition is really simple. A series of closed, planar curves, the offset (inwards or outwards), and the extrusion value. With those in place, the script does a few offsets and booleans, and then spits out the slabs.

I suppose you can always use the script to contour and cut up a volume like apple slices, but I've decided to use it as more or less a component in something interesting:

This gh script is a test of incorporating the features of the slab's thickness, depth in grasshopper. 

And multiplying its effects I get:

And with a bit of more work, I get:


  1. ~Making Slabs with Grasshopper ~
    In fact I am quite interested in your post about the technique

    Would you mind sharing the gh and 3dm files again coz the link is dead~ Thank you!!

  2. Hi, very interesting. However, IOn is right, the link is dead, can you repost the definition? Thanks!