Sunday, October 9, 2011

Match Cage Edit + FlowAlongSrf

Part 2 of the MatchCageEdit series shows how I can combine the script with rhino's FlowAlongSrf as a rough and quick paneling design tool. In many regards it is similar to a grasshopper CageEdit, but allows for easier manipulation.

This method takes into consideration a unit group as paneling material, a flow-able surface as the substrate, and an unrolled surface as controls. Let's start with an unrolled surface:

Flow some control cages onto the surfaces, with Record History enabled. The cages on the unrolled surface (ugly pink) will be used to control the panel dimensions on the wall:

And running MatchCageEdit, you should get something like this (after a minute):

MatchCageEdit remembers your selections so that if you were to make changes to the panel, cages or surface, you can just hit Redo, and it will run it again.

Here is an example of editing the cages on the unrolled surface (that's why you need record history enabled). I'm just shifting a few cages to create an opening. You can also soft edit the flow surface (wall).

And the final MatchCageEdit result:

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  1. Hi! How can i send you the .kml file and the screenshot of the area?
    Thank you so much in advantage!!

    A student from Politecnico of Milan