Monday, August 24, 2015

Multiple Hi Res Screen Shots

Update: Script now takes layer states into consideration when taking screen shots. For example, if the model has 2 named views and 5 options saved as layer states, this script will pull a total of 10 screenies.

Rhino has a command called ViewCapturetoFile that allows for screen captures. Better yet, the dashed version of the command ("-ViewCapturetoFile") allows for custom resolution captures. I was able to extract 16000 x 16000 pixel image files (haven't tested higher)!

Still, it is annoying to individually captures your saved views, so I've created a script back in 2011 (recently updated):

This is a simple script that runs through ALL of your named views at your chosen dimensions, and saves them to a folder of your choosing. 


I have an ugly tree model, but I want to use it in my elevations and renderings. In rhino, I choose my views and save them into NamedViews:

Named Views in R5

Then, I run the script. The script will:

-have you browse to a new folder for the images (it WILL replace all old images),
-ask for the dimensions of the images (even on a complicated scene, I can easily get a 10K square),
-and proceed to run through each view and take a screen shot with your current display settings.

When done, you should find your views in the folder path:

Hi-res screenies

With the my SetHiddenLineMode.rvb, rhino lineweights, and light photoshopping, you can use your 3d model to create hidden line drawings and elevations for presentations.

It's better with green leaves

Lastly, if you are using rhino4, you will need to either run "-testsetaalevel l i " or uncomment that line in the script to get nicer anti-aliasing.


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