Friday, July 9, 2010

Smart Cplanes from Objects

This is another one of those free-yourself-from-repetitive-tasks scripts.

Customizable Cplanes allow for complex forms and creations in Rhino. Imagine a series of gateways arrayed along a serpentine perimeter. While the concept may be parametric, the process for each gate is often individual and incremental. By giving up grasshopper, I am forced to painstakingly create a Cplane for each gateway alternate between them via NamedCplanes. There's got to be a better way!

Actually, rhino has the ability to create a cplane from a single crv/srf. But what about an object? a bunch of objects? or just about anything?

Well, here is the script. Just save it as an .rvb file, and create an alias/macro for it. (macro <_Cplane _world _top> will reset the cplane)

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