Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LA Stay/ Getty pt.1

2 weeks ago, a friend called me up and offered me a job here in LA (-a very good friend indeed). I jumped at the chance and have been working my butt off since. In the meantime, I'm keeping a record of the places I visit while here in LA. I am always on the lookout for cool places in LA.

This weekend I went to visit the Getty, to see the architecture and perhaps the paintings. I ended up really enjoying the gardens (which was well cared for) and the Mannerist paintings. Maybe it is because I've been constantly surrounded by Meier's work as I did not find the Getty to be surprising/amazing. The grid shifts, scales, materials, galleries, and framed views merely worked (well), but it never got to a point where I felt that the different buildings came together as a whole/campus.

More photos soon!

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